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Water Leak Repair And Detection

If you want to find where in your home or building you are having a water loss, you need specialized leak detection tools. This is especially so if your leakage is hard to find, but the water bill suggests otherwise. When we perform this service, you will see why we lead while others follow. There is no guessing, we just let our machines do the work.

leak repair

Leaking Water Heater, Shower And Toilet Tank Repair

A leaking water heater might be bad for your shower’s water pressure, but it is worse for your bills, which will be higher unless you get this problem solved. Do you have a leaking shower and keep hearing droplets of water falling at night and keeping you awake? We can correct this problem for less money.

There are other places in the home where water can be lost and if not stopped can lead to over a thousand gallons wasted in a given year. One of these areas is a leaking toilet tank, which is easily fixable if you call an experienced plumber.

Leaking Pipe Repairs

Beware, though, who you hire to do this work. Some plumbers are too reluctant to make repairs and always recommend installing new parts. We are different because we look for options that save our Houston, TX customers more money.

If you have a leaking pipe somewhere in your home, it could be damaging to the foundation or even the structure of your home. You should get this problem corrected quickly. One of the signs is brownish rings on the Sheetrock or paint peeling away. Our plumbers will make the correct diagnosis and do leak stop.

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